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Artist Rendering of Rooftop Garden Space

Reaching New Heights

A Campaign for SSCA 

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For years, our children, our families and the SSCA community at large have desired a dedicated, multipurpose outdoor area for the school. 

Currently, when teachers wish to provide safe, vibrant and educative outdoor time for our students, they must secure additional volunteers to help supervise a trip to Prospect Park. The Park is an incredible resource, but due to the lack of personnel, and the valuable play and learning time lost on the walk, this approach is not always efficient or ideal. 

During the COVID 19 pandemic, SSCA was granted a special permit from the city to close the street for play. Although the city has extended our permit, this is only a temporary solution. The street conditions are inadequate for providing our children the full outdoor experience they deserve. 

Artist Rendering of Rooftop Playspace

At SSCA, we strive to provide the best for our students. In the busy city of New York, access to safe, fun and educational outdoor time is especially valuable to a child’s growth, cognitive development, mental health and wellness. 

To meet our pressing need, SSCA aims to create our own dedicated, multi-purpose outdoor space. 

This will not only provide the much-desired space for our students to play and learn outside, it will also remove safety and time concerns that are tremendous barriers to providing the best education and experience for our children.

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