Mission and Philosophy

Mission Statement

Saint Saviour Catholic Academy prepares students from Nursery to Grade 8 for higher education. In accordance with Catholic values, we educate students in mind, body and spirit. Within a culturally diverse community, we create an environment where each child discovers a unique enthusiasm for learning, academic excellence, and social responsibility to reach his or her highest potential.


In order to accomplish our Mission, we at Saint Saviour Catholic Academy:

  • Welcome and support diversity of ethnicity/race, religion, socioeconomic background, and/or learning style.
  • Educate children in a nurturing and supportive environment paired with the spiritual teachings of Catholicism.
  • Present Catholic faith and service in an age-appropriate manner, encouraging our students the opportunity to put the teachings of Jesus into action by giving and caring for others.
  • Follow the Responsive Classroom approach because we believe that if students feel safe and comfortable in their classroom community they will be willing to take risks, share ideas with one another, and be more successful learners.
  • Adhere to the New York State Next Generation Learning Standards to meet each grade level’s learning goals.
  • Differentiate instruction to meet the needs of each individual student’s learning style in order to maximize his/her education.
  • Integrate lessons across subject areas to real world experiences in order to engage and enhance student learning.
  • Utilize a variety of collaborative grouping strategies whereby students work together to find solutions and better understand material.

Strategic Plan

In 2015, Saint Saviour Catholic Academy (SSCA) was one of four academies selected to participate in a strategic planning process facilitated by Catholic Education Consultants (CEC). The Strategic Planning Committee was led by
Co-Chairs Lenae Guarna, SSCA Board Chair, and Maura Lorenzen, SSCA Former Principal, and supported by Brother Ralph Darmento, FSC, representing the Diocese of Brooklyn, as well as George A. Milot, Ed.D. and Sr. Mary Anne Doyle, CSJ, Ph.D., representing CEC.

SSCA Board members served as task force co-chairs for five domains, listed below, consisting of six to eight members that represented a broad spectrum of people including SSCA administration, faculty, parents, alumni, and local business professionals, each bringing a specific expertise to the work.

  1. Catholic Identity
  2. Academic Excellence
  3. Enrollment and Marketing
  4. Finance
  5. Governance and Leadership

In 2018, the Board of SSCA embarked on the creation of a new strategic plan for the three years 2019-2022, updating the previous five domains but also adding three additional domains for Development, Personnel, and Building and Grounds. This document gives some background to the methodology of the original three-year action plan and further explains our current methodology moving forward.

 Click here to see the entire current Strategic Plan.